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You are stuck because you can’t find the tools that you need to boost your e-business?

You wish there was that customized plugin that would finally complete your website and give you some rest while you watch your business grow?

When I discovered the power of WordPress I was enthusiastic about building the website I’ve always wanted. Not only one actually, I had several ideas, and WordPress made it so easy and fast!

I am a software developer, I’ve worked for a company where I was making websites with our own CMS (Content Management System) and I was thrilled when I found out how much easier it was with WordPress.

But soon enough, I discovered that between the thousands of free wp plugins I couldn’t find the ONE that matched all my needs. Sometimes we have an idea of what we need but then we have to choose between a hundred of very similar plugins, that are often nice but don’t accomplish what we want, at least not 100%.

That was my case.

I spent so much time trying to find the right plugin without success that I finally told myself: “Hey, I am a developer, know the WordPress programming language (PHP btw)……… I can make my own plugin!”

And so I did. I started developing plugins for WordPress, focusing on those that, in my opinion and for my experience, were missing in the free directory.

The first I developed was WP Answers, a WordPress version of Yahoo Answers. I couldn’t believe that no one had build it yet.

Then the more websites i was building the more custom plugins I needed:

  • A nice contact form, with all the fields I needed and that allowed me to add/remove fields
  • A custom login plugin! I hate that visitors have to leave my site and go to the “” page where the look has nothing to do with the theme. It looks also a little be “cheap” or non professional.
  • A nice and simple FAQ plugin
  • A Poll plugin….

…and several others that you will find if you explore this site…but…I HAVE to mention what I consider my best creature…

A plugin that allows you to filter your posts depending on the page you are visiting. YES, you heard me: from now you can show only posts from the categories that you want, in your home page.

I hope you will find what you’re looking for, this site is always a work in progress, whenever I come across new needs or new ideas I get back to work.

I also love the input from my visitors, yes, you guys helped me a lot by suggesting plugins and ideas, keep up with your good work and I’ll keep up with mine!!

The goal of the project is to collect and organize information about all premium and paid WordPress plugins, as well as translate the latest plugins that will be useful to bloggers using our WordPress blog.

You are well aware that plugins add functionality to your blog, however, finding the right plugin is often difficult due to insufficient knowledge, and sometimes it’s not even clear what to look for and how to correctly formulate a search engine request. Since most of the WordPress plugins are highly specialized, it is not possible to understand everything, and it is not necessary, however, it’s very convenient to get a short or detailed description and review when you need it.

Only in the official WordPress repository at the time of the launch of the project there are more than 50,000 plugins and every day up to a dozen, or even more new ones are added, this is not counting the release of updates. The project has already collected more than 100 reviews of plug-ins, and will be posting them weekly, every day we work on finding and reviewing new plug-ins with descriptions and what they provide.

Must Have WordPress Plugins

Don’t worry about what plugins you use, they are all the same. — No One Ever. Here is our top list of premium plugins that every WordPress website should always install when launching a new website. We will update this list frequently as new plugins are released and older plugins are unsupported.

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